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Hippiegoddess - Hairy women are what we love!

Welcome to; Home to the Internet's best, exclusive, naked hairy girls, erotica site, featuring natural, hairy women; unshaved, naked hippies.

Only here you will find our original photos and music videos as well as erotic solo masturbation videos of natural, hairy women. Join us in celebrating, even reveling in natural beauty, and the alternative lifestyle. Hairy girls are what makes the world spin!


Lynx and Ivee Set 05 - 20 June 2018
The two hirsute lovers explore outdoors. Natural and hairy women at Two hairy girls are always better than one! (165 Images)
Click here for instant access to this update! was created in November 2001 because we couldn't find anything like this on the web. Most sites claiming to feature natural, hairy girls seemed more interesting in creating 'hairy porn' and seemed to have missed the whole point. Bypassing the inner goddess and all of her magick. We have tried over the years to create what we call 'Elemental Steam'. Mixing the passion, wild energy and sexuality of the fire element with the depth, clarity and emotional range of the water element thereby creating steam. is dedicated to featuring natural and hairy women, sexy, naked, free spirited hirsute women in ways you only dreamed of until now. Outdoors, in nature, at beaches, gardens, forests, on the coast as well as many other amazing outdoor and some indoor settings.

So, if natural, hairy women, dreadlocked, hemp wearing, barefoot, earth-loving, goddesses turn you on, come on along and enjoy the ride. The hairy girls are waiting!

Thistle Set 22 - 18 June 2018
Enjoy this wild, wonderful, hirsute woman as she lounges outdoors. Her curves are to die for and her energy will capture you and never let go. Natural and hairy. (93 Images)
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Granada Set 04 - 13 June 2018
Curvy girl extraordinaire. Natural and hairy at hippiegoddess all the time! (130 Images)
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Minerva Fury -Masturbation Video - 10 June 2018
The most Hairy girl we know. Our yummy plush toy. Minerva drips with sexiness as she toys, with one hell of an impressive dildo and her favorite pink vibe. Listen to her sweet sex moans. Cumming on June 10th (1 Images)
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